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Started to learn the piano and solfège at the age of four. Quite early he began to show interest in other studies like literature, physics, and electronics. He graduated the 7th High School in Sofia, where he had formed his first rock band, assuming the duties of guitarist and vocalist. In 1971 he joined the Sofia University Faculty of Journalism, but shortly realized his true vocation was music. Rumen Boyadjiev had the chance to meet Prof. Dr. Dobri Paliev, famous for his world known school of percussion instruments. In 1972 he began studying at the instrumental faculty of the State Music Academy, where professor Paliev instantly acknowledged his natural gift for music and his huge potential to become a consummate cosmopolitan musician. To him Rumen Boyadjiev owes the deep understanding of sound as a phenomenon in music and a truly unique means of expression. On the other hand, his interest in physics and acoustics provided him with vast technical knowledge and skill, which proved indispensable later on throughout his career.

The music he was listening to at that time - all the progressive rock artists of the 70s - prompted him to form his own band and write his own music.

His mentor and music advisor Konstantin Dragnev wholeheartedly supported the idea. The fortunate acquaintances of Rumen Boyadjiev, Konstantin Tsekov and Alexander Baharov, and their shared tastes, criteria, and aspirations for something new, neither attempted nor achieved by anyone before in Bulgaria, actually brought to life the FSB trio.

Untypically talented, unconventional and innovative, each one a bearer of bright ideas and individuality, the band members complemented each other and together they turned a new page in Bulgarian rock and pop music history. They were the pioneers of electronic music in Bulgaria and succeeded in setting up new standards for arranging and audio recording.

“For me FSB is the thing I could never repeat”

Rumen Boyadzhiev is a genuine innovator and an undisputed authority in the field of electronic instruments and synthesizers, of electronic sound and Digital Audio Workstations. His music is inextricably linked to the beauty and richness of their unfathomable sound palette. He is the author of more than 250 songs and there are over 600 songs that he arranged for the majority of the famous Bulgarian pop singers. He has composed music for documentaries and feature films, as well as theatrical scores and music for children. Rumen Boyadzhiev is the music producer of many artists’ and bands’ albums, including Pyromania, Tumno and Roberta. In 1993 he received the National Producer of the Year Award.

In 1995 Rumen Boyadzhiev set up his own recording studio, Kontrapunkti, the only Bulgarian studio at the time focusing on post-production, hard disk recording, and digital mastering and surround techniques. Soon production label Kontrapunkti was established, specializing in promotion, management, publishing and related activities.

Rumen Boyadzhiev is often asked to adjudicate at numerous national and international festivals and music competitions. He is the author of the official music tags of the Bulgarian National Radio Horizont program and the Bulgarian National Television Po sveta I u nas news program.

Rumen Boyadzhiev is a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), one of the founders of the Association of the Recording Studios in Bulgaria (BNAPZ), the official Protools and Digidesign consultant for Bulgaria. He is also a member of the Bulgarian Film Makers Union and the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

"The success of an artist and his stage longevity are directly linked to his ability to handle energy. Both his personality and his behaviour on stage act as a blade of concentrated energy that is pointed at the audience. The ‘blade’ phenomenon functions only when the charge you emit is positive. And so you are recharged in return. "

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